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FEEE looks like a spelling mistake, but it stands for Free Early Education Entitlement and is an umbrella term for free education for three- and four-year olds and some two-year olds.

Universal Entitlement (15 hours)

Often referred to as 15 hours funding, the Universal entitlement is available to all three-and four-year olds.

There is nothing to apply for, it’s given automatically from the start of term after a child turns three and it runs until a child starts school, but please refer to this table for details of age eligibilty.  Please also be aware that entitlement to a Free Early Education place does not offer a guarantee of a place at any one provider or a particular pattern of delivery.

15 hours is a bit misleading really, because you automatically think you’ll be getting 15 hours a week for the whole year.  But it’s only for the academic year (excluding school holidays) of 38 weeks a year.  The actual entitlement is up to 570 hours per year.  So for a child attending 51 weeks a year at the Sevenoaks Day Nursery, you’d receive 11.1765 hours per week (ie 570 divided by 51).  You are welcome to spread the funding over 38 weeks.  And you may also split the funding between childcare providers.

Extended Entitlement (30 hours)

The Extended entitlement, for three- and four-year olds, was introduced in September 2017.  Often called 30 hour funding, it was brought in to help working couples (and singles) with even more of their childcare costs.  In the same way that 15 hours is misleading (see above), the actual FEEE is up to 1,140 hours per year.

Parents need to apply for extended funding.

Applying for Extended Entitlement

After the initial rush at launch and a few glitches with the Government’s Childcare Service website, applying is now actually quite straightforward.

You’ll need to determine if you are eligible.  Go to the 30 hours free childcare page on the Childcare Service website.

You’ll set up a Childcare Service Account and, in the process, you’ll be informed whether you’re eligible or not for the Extended Entitlement and Tax-Free Childcare.  You don’t have to take up the offer of Tax-Free Childcare (see previous page).

Inform the Nursery

When you’ve set up your Childcare Service Account and have been approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email and this will quote your eligibility code.  You need to pass this on to us.  But please do so along with your National Insurance Number, and confirmation of your child’s date of birth.  We’ll also need your written permission to use this information, because we then have to confirm your eligibility with KCC!

Quarterly re-confirmation

You’ll need to confirm your continued eligibility for the scheme every three months online.  You should receive a reminder from the Childcare Service team.

If you fail to re-confirm you WILL lose the extra hours for a whole term!

Free For Two (FF2)

KCC calls their funding scheme for two year olds ‘Free For Two’ or ‘FF2’.  It’s 570 hours funding for two-year olds from disadvantaged families.  The eligibility criteria are quite strict and you can apply online at the KCC website or through your local Children’s Centre.  The Sevenoaks Children’s Centre is based in Hospital Road.  You can apply at any time for a FF2 place and once you’ve taken it up it’s yours until your child turns three and receives the Universal Entitlement - even if your circumstances change! There’s some more eligibility info here.

Parental Declaration Forms

If you receive any FEEE (Universal, Extended or FF2) we will ask you to complete and sign a Parental Declaration Form at the start of each term.

We cannot give any FEEE for the term unless we have a properly completed and signed form.

There are two forms; one for three and four year olds and another for Free For 2 recipients.  Please make sure you complete the right one!  There are some guidance notes to help you on our useful information page.