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Our role as a charity

Sevenoaks Day Nursery was set up to offer low cost childcare to those who needed it.  This is still our prime aim, but there’s more to it than perhaps first meets the eye!

Yes, of course, we keep our fees as low as we can, which is no easy task in this day and age, but we also offer emergency places throughout the year for families in need.  Not only are these places offered but, thanks to our long-term relationship with local social and child services teams, they are taken up.

Examples of the support provided by the nursery include:

In addition, we now sponsor at least one FF2 place every year; the 570 hours that come with a FF2 place falls short of our minimum requirement of 2 days a week, approximately 1,000 hours.  So we cover the difference and continue to do so until the child leaves us for school.

We are registered with the Charity Commission and if you follow this link, you’ll be able to see our latest submissions.  This link takes you to the CIO which has only recently been established.  If you search on Sevenoaks Day Nursery Trust you’ll find much more historic information.