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Daytime Sleep

We feel that it is important to have a nursery sleeping policy which can be discussed before your child starts at Nursery.  We firmly believe that daytime naps are crucial for babies’ and toddlers’ brain development and that they are essential to their well being.

The NHS recommends, and we endorse this recommendation, that:

It is important for parents to understand that the daytime sleep their child needs at Nursery may be different from their needs at home. This is due to the different activities that children participate in at the Nursery and the continuous interaction with many other children and adults.

Babies up to the age of approximately 18 months spend most of their time in the Baby Room with their key worker. They have a named cot or pram and bedding etc. They are monitored regularly and a chart kept. Sleep times are noted in the daily diary.

Toddlers and Classroom children aged 18 months plus sleep in the Toddler Room. They sleep in a darkened room on sleep mats with named sleeping bags and sleep toys.

Children who are old enough to drop their daytime nap stay in the Classroom where they have quiet time.  This may include a children’s DVD or books and stories whilst the room is cleaned after lunch. This is then followed by quiet play until their friends are awake.

At Sevenoaks Day Nursery we will always listen to and try to work with parents with regards to daytime sleep, but the needs of the child will always come first.

Except in exceptional circumstances, Nursery staff will not deliberately keep a child awake where it is clear they are tired and would benefit from a daytime nap.