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Deployment of staff

Staff stay within the same group to ensure continuity for the children.  Staff work on a rota basis to cover the ten hour day.  This ensures that there is always someone from a child’s room for parents to talk to at any time.  When staff are moved from a room on a permanent basis parents are informed.  Occasionally staff may have to move rooms to ensure safety and secure staff/children ratios.

Other staff move from room to room to cover cooking, lunch breaks, holidays, sickness.

Baby Room

Our Baby Room is for children from 8 weeks to about 15-18 months.  All children are encouraged to develop at their own pace.  Each baby has a key worker responsible for every need, and a contact book, to give parents and staff a full picture of the daily routine.  Parents are welcome to talk to staff at any time and are encouraged to be involved.

Toddler Room

Our toddler room is for children between the ages of 15-18 months and about 2½ years.  Here they develop confidence and independence with the support of their own staff who are with them daily.  They are helped to learn sharing, co-operation, feeding, potty training etc. with caring staff who work along with parents.  Our toddler room works to a timetable which includes craft activities, music and outdoor play.  Children are encouraged to sleep after lunch.


The classroom is for children aged 2½ years upwards.  We take into account the social and emotional development of each child before deciding on this move.

We aim to prepare children for school and all areas of the National Curriculum.

Club Room

The Club Room is used to provide care for children up to the age of twelve (until they start secondary education) during school holidays.  They have their own room, staff and appropriate facilities and activities.  This continuation of care allows our children to meet up with friends during school holidays.  Please see our Club page for further details.

Children from Classroom have a chance to pay visits to Club and mix with older children before moving up to school.


There is a large fenced area. Our Nursery garden is currently being remodelled to provide children with a wide range of outdoor activities.  The Club children have their own playground.  Both playgrounds have access to the Bat & Ball Centre field, which is used for sports, games and nature walks.

Use of rooms and play area

Although each group has its own base room the toddler and class rooms are also used for other things.  The classroom is used as a dining room by both groups.  The toddler room is used as a sleeping area/quiet room by groups.

Both groups work to a time-table enabling them to use the facilities in both rooms and to enlarge their programme of activities.  It also allows for separate outdoor play times so that activities can be geared to age.

At either end of the day (8-9 am / 5-6 pm) when numbers are smaller we tend to group together in one room or play all together outside.  This not only allows for the staff rota to work well but children of different ages to mix together.