If you haven’t yet taken a look at this new initiative from the BBC, may I heartily recommend that you do!

We have links to a few of the best childcare sites on our Useful Information page, but the new BBC website is, not unnaturally (bearing in mind the resources at their disposal), good looking, easy to use and very, very informative.

To quote their site:-

Why we’re here

Tiny Happy People can help you develop your child’s language and communication skills, so they get the best start in life.

We’ll show you why and how you can bond with your child, before they’re born and throughout their early lives – it’s never too early to start.

Our ideas and activities are easy to build into your daily routine. They’re quick and inspiring, but they’re also based on expert advice and evidence, and are proven to help your child’s development.

And they’ve only just started! So, when you get the chance please take a look.