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OK that’s a slight exageration. She’s one in 50,000!

Stephanie Jenkinson, a parent and one of our Trustees, has signed up for the Virtual London Marathon on Sunday 3rd October. This doesn’t mean she’ll be running virtually; she’ll have to run the full 26 miles 385 yards outside (and not on a treadmill or around the back garden!).

As Stephanie puts it:-

“I’ve been slightly silly and signed up for the virtual London marathon. I’m attempting to raise money for the nursery so if you are able to donate then anything would be gratefully received. Thanks Steph xx”


And from Stephanie’s “My story” on the Virgin Money Giving website:-

In a bid to not feel quite so old I decided to enter the virtual London marathon. Having never run more than 10k before this could be beyond me, but as I’m not getting younger why the hell not.
I’m trying to raise funds for a small charity nursery that provides affordable childcare for my local community. Both my children attend/have attended the nursery and it has meant that I have been able to return to work knowing that not only they are well cared for but also that we can afford to actually go out with the kids at the weekend.
I also sit on the trustee board of this charity and am involved with promoting the charity’s aims and objectives, and to provide help when needed for our community.

From the Virgin Money London Marathon website:-

On Sunday 3 October 2021, 50,000 runners will have the chance to be a part of the biggest marathon ever staged anywhere in the world.

The virtual Virgin Money London Marathon will return this year, giving participants the opportunity to take on the world’s greatest marathon on the course of their choice from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59BST, wherever they are on the planet.

Runners in the virtual event will join a record 50,000 participants who will run the traditional Virgin Money London Marathon from Blackheath to The Mall.

The virtual Virgin Money London Marathon was held for the first time in 2020, when more than 37,000 runners, from all corners of the world, completed the race. The final finishing total of 37,966 means it has been awarded an official Guinness World Records title for the ‘Most users to run a remote marathon in 24 hours’.


Editor’s note: This is a fantastic challenge Steph has signed up for. Please support her (and us) if you can.