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On the afternoon of Saturday, 25th September 2021, Sevenoaks Day Nursery is holding a party at the Stag Plaza in Sevenoaks and we would very much like to invite everyone with a current or past connection to the Nursery. We have sent out invitations by email to as many people as we have email addresses for,but there are hundreds more! So, if you know anyone who might like to attend, please let them know.

We want to do several things that day:

  • To say thank you to Jean for the amazing service she has given to the Nursery and to celebrate her recent appearance in the honours list for services to education.
  • Celebrate the completion of our new building and to say a big thank you to the many people who helped us to create premises that should enable the Nursery to continue for many more years.
  • Celebrate Vicky’s long service (over 25 years) for the Nursery.

We’re hoping to get many generations of parents and supporters together to really make this a big and fun event after what has been a difficult two years for most of us.

We are extremely lucky to have Strictly Dan to play for us and they will continue with a concert in the evening (from 8pm in the same room) to which all those attending the Celebration are invited at a 50% discount.

There will be tea and cake and we will arrange some soft play for the children*. You are welcome to pop in whenever you like over the three hours. We’ll be running from 2:30 until 5:30 with a special presentation at 3:30 (but no long speeches – we promise!).    

Please feel free to invite other supporters of the Nursery to the event. Although we will be trying to contact all our parents (old and new) and supporters, we are bound to miss someone.

*Although we love each of the nursery’s children, please note that there will be no childcare at the event. Parents need to supervise their own children.