KCC run all sorts of courses, webinars, tutorials etc aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of Early Years Practitioners ; we use them all the time.

They also occasionally produce something aimed specifically at parents. And this course would seem to be very appropriate for the times we live in. To quote their website:-

This is a series of four webinars delivered by two experts in the field of wellbeing and anxiety – Kelly Hannaghan and Emma Kaye. The aims of the webinars are to provide both parents and their children with guidance and support on how they can improve their self-esteem, confidence and reduce anxiety.  There is a specific webinar that focuses on how to support children with autism around their possible increased levels of anxiety.  
Parents and carers will receive practical strategies and solutions to the issues that they may currently be experiencing.

The Education People, June 2021

There’s more information and a booking form here. The cost is £24 (including VAT) for all four, hour long webinars.