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Last year’s skydive

She’s at it again!

I dunno, you’d have thought one scary dive out of an airplane travelling at 1,000 mph and then falling through the air at the speed of sound until you hit the deck 15,000 feet below would be a once in a lifetime thing, but no, Laura’s going back for a second bite of the cherry (tug of the ripcord?).

She’s raising money for Cancer Research and for the Nursery garden.

Asked why she’s risking her hairdo for a second time, Laura just smiled enigmatically and thrust a sponsorship form in my hand!

Of course, I’m one of the lucky ones who can venture inside the Nursery at the moment, so if you can’t, then please ask for a form at the gate when you’re dropping off/picking up. Or, if it’s easier, you can simply make a transfer to the Nursery bank account (HSBC, 40-40-32, 71151118) using ‘Laura’ as a reference and I’ll forward it to her.

You can choose where you want your sponsorship to go: 100% Nursery or 100% Cancer Research or anywhere in between. Just let Laura know.

And here’s why Laura’s risking life and limb: