It has been bought to my attention that some parents are having to wait at drop off and pick up times.

I am sorry if this is happening to you, however, for everyone’s continued safety, we are sticking to the social distancing rules for the time being and only one parent at a time can be allowed in through the main gate, so there will be situations where you may have to wait.

I am also concerned that parents are arriving at the front door without having been ‘buzzed’ in.  I know you are all very kind and, as you’re leaving, may politely hold the main gate open for the next parent to come in, but there are two problems with this:

  • There’s a potential safeguarding issue in that someone may inadvertently be let in who has no right to be there and
  • We don’t know you’re there, so you could be in for another wait!

Camera and buzzer

When you arrive in the morning or at pick up times, we will ask your name. This is a Safeguarding issue, and we need to know who is entering the Nursery grounds.

If you’ve asked someone else to collect your child, and we’ve not met them before, we will give you a password they can use, so that we can release your child to them.

I understand that some of you have been let in, in the past, without being asked your name.  Please don’t feel offended when we start asking; this is to make sure that your children are safe and that no strangers enter our Nursery. I know that some of the girls will find it hard to ask for your name, so please be patient.

Garden/Back/Fire Gates

We have also been asked when will we open our Garden gates?  We used these gates at the start of the first lockdown and it works during the summertime. However, we found that when it started getting cold outside this was not feasible anymore. It also unsettled some of the babies and toddlers having parents entering the rooms from the garden doors.  Now the weather is getting warmer, and we are spending more time in the garden, you can collect your children from that gate, when we are outside playing at pick up. However, we will only accept children being dropped off via the main gate and front door.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We would like to wish you all a Sunny and Happy Easter,

Madde and the Team