I don’t seem to have been doing a great job at this lately!

It’s partly because, since March last year, I’ve largely been working from home and have missed some of the less newsworthy things that nevertheless make the world of the Nursery go round and make interesting reading.

It’s also because, I suppose, the pandemic has stymied some of the things we’d like to have done by now e.g. renovate the garden areas with the help of our parents and friends.

And then there’s also the introduction of ‘Famly’ back in February, our first foray into nursery software. This has enabled us to keep in close contact with parents on a daily basis, even hourly basis if necessary.

So, I do apologise.

Notwithstanding all of the above, these pages within the News and Notices section of our website have grown into a valuable resource for any parent who happens by; the archive stretches back to February 2018 and covers many topics with links to useful resources. There are 109 posts (110 including this one!) which are all accessible by date, category or tag.

I look forward to picking up the pace again shortly . . .

All the best