This week sees the start of the demolition of the old nursery building.

Opened in 1989 the Nursery was the brainchild of Dr Margaret Bates, who wanted “to allow working mothers, including single parents to place their children safely and happily and give them a social education.”  Margaret had been a Psychiatric Social Worker and knew, more than most, how important stability was during pre-school years.  Margaret joined forces with Dr Olive Munro, a local GP and Senior Community Health Doctor who knew first hand how much need there was for a day nursery.  Together they recruited volunteers from all walks of life:- Cllr Frances Dick, who retired as a trustee in 2015, was the first Chairman of the Committee; Ann Birch, who retired as Finance and Administration Manager in 2017, was the Secretary from 1987 and Jean Sowten, who was appointed Nursery Leader, is still here!

The original two-roomed building was estimated to cost £40,000 (around £150,000 today) and this, and more, was raised in under three years!  Some achievement.

You may be interested to read this pamphlet produced in 1987 to help with the fundraising.

The Allied Dunbar Room (Baby Room) was added in 1990 thanks to the generous support of the Allied Dunbar Foundation.  The pram shelter was built in 1991 and the Club Room followed in 1996.