Summer Club 20th July to 28th August

It is clear that there is demand for Summer Club this year and, assuming the battle against COVID-19 continues to go our way, we will open on Monday 20th July (official Kent hols start on 23rd July).  The Government/DfE have promised to give the final OK on July 4th and we’re now taking bookings on the basis that the decision will be a positive one (incidentally, all Summer Clubs are in the same boat in this respect).

There will be some changes in order to keep the children as safe as we can.  One major change is that Club children and staff will have to live in ‘splendid isolation’ and form their own bubble for the duration.  But, I’m sure Lisa will turn this into a positive!  A second, is that all children will have their temperature taken on arrival and will not be allowed to enter if they have a fever.  A third, is that we can only accept children who are not attending any other ‘Club’ of any kind at the same time.  Many additional measures are detailed in the risk assessment which was prepared a few weeks ago when the main nursery fully re-opened.  This will be updated for Club over the next few weeks.  The measures we’ve introduced at Nursery are not onerous and seem to be effective (touch wood!).  You may be interested to read our special Coronavirus articles on the website – some give general advice and others give specific advice for the Nursery.

Perhaps Club will be able to offer a little additional nomality, although this is doubtful with Lisa in charge!  None-the-less, if you would like a place, please email me with dates as soon as you can.  It’s still only £30 a day and this includes lunch and snacks.  We’ll be open from 8 til 6, 5 days a week and there are no Bank Holidays to confuse us (the August Bank Holiday is on Monday 31st August).  If you have any queries and you can’t find the answers on the website just drop me a line.