Today in the Nursery

I popped into the Nursery this morning; Scottish Power wanted a meter reading, so I thought I’d oblige and take the chance to say ‘hello’ to everyone.

As I ambled onto the tennis court I could see Rachel lugging some large bits of wood towards the high garden gates and then Laura came round the corner towards me, giggling. What were they up to? I investigated.

The four who’ve been going in every day have been building things for the garden. Rachel proudly gave me a tour of the bug hotel; not, as you might expect, a shoebox-sized home for a few six-legged waifs and strays, but a multi-storey, 5 star luxury complex designed for all manner of fauna! The hotel would be sited in the corner . . . as soon as they’ve levelled the ground!

I walked around to the main entrance. There, lined up along the path and against the outside wall, were more than half a dozen pairs of children’s wellies (from our stock of lost and unwanted property). Each contained a small plant.  They’ll look fantastic when they come into flower in a few weeks’ time.

Inside, the Nursery was unnaturally quiet. Well it was lunchtime. The Baby Room was dark. So too, the Toddler Room. All the quiet was coming from the Classroom where one four-year old was focussed on eating his lunch.  There had been another child earlier, but he’d gone home by the time I arrived. More are expected tomorrow.  And Lisa R will be there to cook a fresh lunch. And Lisa C will be there to impart her own, unique brand of wisdom.  Laura, the quiet one (don’t let that fool you), will be there smiling her Mona Lisa smile.  And Rachel will be there cracking the whip . . . she takes her role very seriously.  Only joking. She’ll be there making sure everyone’s happy and safe.

And, as far as I know, everyone on furlough (and ther families) are happy and safe too.

We hope you are.

And, yes, I remembered the meter reading!