A Message from the Trustees

Dear Parents,

You may have seen in the Chronicle this week that STC has taken the decision to revise their ambitious plans to rebuild the Community Centre, and you will be wondering what the implications are for the Nursery’s future. The councillors’ recent decision to redevelop the current Community Centre building instead was a result of escalating costs, coupled with the realisation that the new Bat and Ball station building will provide some of the facilities that were earmarked for the centre.

Hugh and Janet, two of the Nursery’s trustees, have had the opportunity to discuss the implications with the Town Clerk, Linda Larter. Janet will also be attending the Centre User Group meeting next week, to find out more. But we have had confirmation from Ms Larter that we will still have a home on the site and that our 25 year lease on the site is still assured.

Indeed, there may be opportunities here for us. The pressure to rebuild our nursery in tandem with the STC builders has been removed. We can now work independently and in our own time.

Please take a look at the article, taken from Kent Live

Would you like to be part of these discussions? We would welcome new trustees and management committee members to help us make these decisions. Please let us know, via Caroline Harrison (caroline.harrison@sdn.org.uk) if you’d like to get involved.