Garden Fund – thank you

Thank you everyone for your generosity. We have so far raised over:-


Having spent some £450,000 on the new nursery, we couldn’t stretch to the garden which, after the winter darkness, ceaseless rain and the close attention of sundry construction workers and their machinery, is looking rather forlorn.

Our plans for the garden in front of the canopy are beginning to take shape and with better weather on the way (won’t that be nice?) we’ll set to work on it very soon.

We’ve had lots of Mums volunteering their husband or partner and some Dads voulnteering theirs (although, strange to say, I haven’t seen them since). Thank you all for your promised help.

Anyway, we’ll keep you posted on progress. If you want to contribute financially or physically or you want to volunteer your partner then please get in touch. And thank you again.