Bookings for Easter Club now being taken

It’s an early Easter this year and a very strange holiday; Thursday 2nd April to Wednesday 15th April with Bank Holidays (when we’re not open) on Friday 10th and Monday 13th.

I was hoping that we’d be able to open Club from the Monday before until the Friday after, but that’s not possible while Hollybush Montessori are still using the room during term time.

So if you’d like a place then please email me.  It is still only £30 a day and Lisa has some good seasonal ideas!


When we receive your booking you will be sent an invoice forthwith by way of confirmation.  This needs to be paid before Club starts.

Changing your booked dates
You are more than welcome to request a change to your booked dates at any time, but please bear in mind that, as we approach the start of Club, it might not be possible.

Cancelling your booked dates
You may cancel any date(s) up to two weeks ahead of the booked date(s) and receive a credit.  If you cancel within two weeks of the booked date(s) you will not receive a credit and will be expected to pay your invoice in full.

Please Remember

  • Please ensure your child is dressed for the weather. Bring sun cream and/or pullovers, sun hats and/or balaclavas as the case may be.
  • Snacks and lunch are provided, but you may bring a packed lunch. Due to allergies NO NUTS TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE NURSERY.
  • No electronic equipment which allows access to the internet may be used at the Nursery.
  • Photos/videos must not be taken by children or parents.
  • No mobile phones.
  • No music is to be played by children when other children can hear.
  • Only videos/DVDs with a U or PG rating will be played.