Back to Nursery – Frequently asked questions

As we publish information about returning to Nursery there will, understandably, be lots of questions. So, I’ll publish the questions here along with our answer.

Full details about returning to Nursery are included in the post headed ‘Returning to Nursery: places, dates and days’ You may be interested to read a special risk assessment we have prepared which identifies most of the potential risks associated with the full re-opening of the Nursery and how we propose to minimise them. We’ve also published our daily timetable which shows the new measures we’ve introduced and how and when they are used. Both are included on the ‘Useful Information’ page of our website.

If you have any questions please email or phone Rachel or James.

Have drop off/pick up times changed?

In a word, No. The Nursery will be open from 8am to 6pm, as usual, and you are welcome to drop off and collect at your normal times or whenever suits you.

Are parents allowed in the building at all?

Parents are not allowed into the building – with four exceptions:

  1. When settling in, but they will be accompanied and will keep to the 2 metre rule vis-à-vis staff and other children – this is the only time a parent will be allowed in a children’s room.
  2. When visiting the Nursery for the first time as a prospective parent, but they will be limited to the lobby area and will not have access to any of the children’s rooms.  And they will be accompanied.
  3. When a parent is collecting a sick child from the office.
  4. When needing a private conversation with a member of staff, in which case they will go around the building to the office.

In all cases they will be asked to wash their hands on arrival and departure.

Have soft toys been removed from the nursery for the time being?

Yes. And so have soft furnishings such as rugs etc

What about a personal cuddly toy? Are we OK to bring one in?

No. Toys from home are not allowed to be brought in – if a child needs a comforter, a duplicate should be provided and left at the Nursery (tricky one this! – I remember Lucy losing her ‘Lamby’ – actually a rabbit – that my cousin in Chicago had given her . . . . we had to send to the US for another one.)

Have staff been reminded of sick leave – ie there is no situation where staff feel they have to come in because there is nobody else available due to furlough?

Yes and no! We have always insisted staff go home if they don’t feel up to, what is after all, a very demanding job. This approach will not change. If necessary we will call someone back from furlough. It’s about safety, not money!

If there is one toddler in the room does it mean they will spend the whole day with just the member of staff and not mix with children from other rooms? 

No. That’s exactly what we want to avoid; a large part of the reasoning for children to return to Nursery is to support their emotional development.  So, in the instance where there are just one or two in the toddler room, they (and their Nurse) will be asked to join Class. 

Would it be helpful if we were to supply our own sleeping bag? 

No. Providing own sleeping bags sounds good and thank you for the offer, but it’d be introducing another external object and an extra complication when washing them (different washing instructions?).

If you have any questions please phone or email Rachel or James.