Returning to Nursery: places, dates and days

A big ‘Thank You’ to all those who completed the survey – 40% of you – the information has been very useful in working out how best we can help over the coming months.  It would still be useful to have the thoughts of those who didn’t return the survey – even lots of ‘Don’t Knows’ – so, if you can find the time, please reply to the survey email.

So, we open fully on 1st June.  We have been open for keyworkers’ children all the while and have developed routines to keep everyone safe.  These, of course, will have to change as more children attend and we take on board latest Government guidance.  We will be publishing our updated policy shortly.

One of the main points from the survey is that there is likely to be a steady return to Nursery, starting with about ten children a day.  Children will return as parents return to work, as older children return to school and as other parents’ fears lessen.  This will make it a manageable process for us.  Many of our staff are on furlough and will continue to be furloughed until needed, so we need to be confident of attendance when calling them back to work; we still have to comply with EYFS staff ratios.  To this end, we need you to comply with the following:-

Places to be held until 31st August
Your child’s place will be held until 31st August and you will not be invoiced until you take it up again.  When you do take it up again it will be under the normal terms of your contract with us.  If you are unsure of the terms of your contract there’s a standard copy on the ‘Useful Information’ page on the website.

Return Notice
You must give us two weeks’ notice of your child’s return to Nursery – in writing (an email to Rachel or myself will do).  This notice should include your child’s return date and confirmation of which days they will attend during the week (there isn’t a special Return Notice form as such).

Fewer days than contracted
You are welcome to start back with fewer days a week than normal (a minimum of 2) and build them back up when you feel more comfortable with things.  Please agree this with Rachel beforehand and then include the agreed days in your Return Notice.  You will not be invoiced for any dropped days.

Different days
We should be able to accommodate a temporary change of day(s), if necessary, over the next month or two until the Nursery is full again.  This would be a one-off, strictly temporary change until you revert to your normal days.  Any change needs to be agreed with Rachel and included in your Return Notice.

You will be invoiced in advance in accordance with your Return Notice.  Invoices must be paid on receipt (or within a very few days of receipt).

If you bring your child to Nursery without submitting a Return Notice in advance you will be turned away!
This is not really our style, is it?  But we have to make sure all the children in our care and all our staff are safe, so we will turn you and your child away if you arrive unexpectedly, not having properly submitted a Return Notice to Rachel or me.

Keep in touch
Rachel loves talking over the phone, so please keep in touch. Keep her up-to-date with your plans.  Call her if you need any reassurance or guidance.  Let her know how things are going.  Or just phone to say “Hello”.

phone number:- 01732 460384

email addresses:-