New Lease

New Lease Arrangements with Sevenoaks Town Council

The Trustees and our Solicitors have been working closely with Sevenoaks Town Council’s solicitors, for a number of months, to agree details for our new Lease and Lease Agreement. Finally, all has been agreed and both documents have now been signed.   Whilst the build for our new nursery is under way, we will continue to operate in our old building, under a Lease Agreement and when we hand back the old building to Sevenoaks Town Council we will move to operate under a new Lease. 

The Sevenoaks Community Centre closes on the 1st June so it too can undergo refurbishment.  We shall be working closely with their contractors to ensure that there will be minimum impact on the service we are providing, although there has been some discussion about the impact on current car parking facilities both for our staff and for our parents.  Staff may have to park in local roads around the Nursery because of all the building works taking place both for our new building and their refurbishment.  Please be patient with us we will be working with Sevenoaks Town Council to try and keep this to a minimum and will keep you updated of any new developments.